Hello – I am Frankie Adams a Hampshire based professional photographer. The story behind my affection for creating narratives with the medium of photography can be traced back to when I was a very young child in the 1970’s. discovered my father’s camera (Exa ia) and was fascinated by exploring its mechanics and an unusual way of viewing the world…

All my life photography has accompanied me, documenting memories. In 2013 I needed to take it a step further and embarked on formal education within photography in an evening class. I entered a whole new world with the endless options of exploring the visual language. I have not stopped studying since, and am now in the final stage of completing the Masters of Fine Art Photography.

My educational journey has significantly enhanced my technical and practical skills, broadened my creativity and curiosity, and has shaped a good eye with attention to detail. I have had the opportunity to explore the digital and analogue photography medium, and a variety of post-production processes.  I inquisitively research my work, prepare my shoots and experiment with composition and technical opportunities.

I love working with people and animals. In fact, the name SquareHippo ArtPhotography came about due to a conversation I had about the two horses I ride – Herbert and Echo.  One summer’s day Herbert and Echo took a bath in their pond and were referred to as white hippos. HippoArtPhotography was born – but I felt something felt missing.  Four points connect make an image, a square makes an image, an image outside the box. This is when the idea of SquareHippoArtPhotography came to me.

I believe where possible it is extremely important to connect with the customer before the session. I would like to get to know them, learn about their desired visual narrative, their likes and dislikes and what would make them (and animals!) feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Located just outside Winchester, I offer professional photography services from my small studio, as well as across Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Surrey and the wider South of England.

Mobile: 07814 768 048
Email: frankie@squarehippoartphotography.co.uk